the bookfair


It has recently come to our attention that hurricane Dorian is going to come earlier and more severe than originally predicted. We want people to stay safe at home tomorrow out of the storm. We have decided to postpone bookfair events until Sunday September 8th. Please come on Sunday 10-6! There will also be at least two large distros (Make Total Distro and Beehive Collective) hunkering down in the space on Saturday, with food and water and open doors for those that need them (and for those that don’t get this message).

All workshops will be postponed to Sunday.

We will also be having a mutual aid disaster relief assembly starting early Sunday.

Thanks for your understanding, please come and hope to see you then!

Stay safe and out of storms way.


Halifax Anarchist Bookfair – September 8, 2019, 10am-6pm

5450 Russell Street, Halifax (K’jipuktuk), unceded Mi’kmaq territory

~ for anarchists, and those curious about anarchism ~
FREE – welcome to all!

We are living in a world where ecological collapse is imminent; a world where fascist forces are seizing governments and militarizing borders; where the rich and powerful are destroying land and livelihoods; a world where basic freedoms are a further and further reality for most people, and where prisons are growing and incarcerating more of our loved ones.

We are also living in a world where waves of uprisings are sweeping the globe, where workers, students, and even prisoners are organizing strikes, a world where the primacy of defending the earth and water by any means necessary has gained mainstream traction; a world where oppression in all its forms is increasingly being confronted; and where more and more people are seeing capitalism and government as obstacles to the world they want.

In the spirit of rebellion, we invite you to come to the 2nd Annual Halifax Anarchist Bookfair.

Come out whether you’re a seasoned anarchist, excited to learn about anarchism, a curious skeptic, a lover of books, or if you are simply becoming disillusioned with capitalism and the government. Featuring publishers and book distributors, vendors, artists, and facilitators from all over North America/Turtle Island; the day will be filled with presentations, workshops, films, discussions, kids’ activities, art exhibits, parties and more! Let’s connect our struggles, build our capacities, and support anti-authoritarian revolutionary culture and community.

Last year’s bookfair was an incredible success. Over 400 people attended throughout the day to peruse the huge selection of literature, and participate in workshops that inspired new ideas and actions. Parties and events brought us together; new friendships were formed and old friendships rekindled. We send out a huge thanks to everyone who joined us to make it the largest Anarchist event in the Atlantic region.

In these times, it is crucial for anarchist gatherings to take place, to share stories, strategies and plans for dismantling capitalism and all forces of coercive control, and to experience and create together a culture based on mutual aid, solidarity and freedom for all.

Please get in touch with your workshop proposals, table requests, inquiries, accessibility needs, collaboration ideas, and wildest dreams at:

For a more Anarchic Halifax, and a freer, more joyful, and just world!

P.S. We know Halifax is far from most other major cities, get in touch if you want to participate but distance feels like a barrier. We’ll try to work out creative solutions to this issue.