All Workshops will be held at 5381 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax (The Old Library)

Please bring a raincoat, something to sit on and anything else you may need to be comfortable in the event of a light rain.

Please bring a sun hat, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water as there will be limited shade.


10:15am: Land Acknowledgement with Thunderbird Swooping Down Woman


Indigenous Sovereignty is Decolonization
Many anarchists have been inspired by and are in solidarity with Indigenous struggles for land, water and sovereignty. We have often found a shared foundation of values based in respect, protecting the land, and living free of oppression. How do anarchists act in solidarity with Indigenous Sovereignty and decolonization? How do we together, as anarchists and Indigenous peoples living on Turtle Island, struggle for the abolishment of colonial governments and liberation of all peoples?
Facilitated by Thunder Bird Swooping Down Woman and Tayla Fern Paul


Green Anarchy: Freedom at the Ends of the World
As what’s left of the world’s forests burn or get clear-cut for agriculture, you might wonder: how did we get here? What’s killing the world? In this workshop we’ll make the case that the root of this crisis lies in a way of life that alienates us from the living world and ourselves, one that treats the wide world like so much grist for the mill. We’ll argue that only living outside and against this world-eating system—and in reciprocity with the land and each other—affords us real agency. Then, if there’s time, we’ll talk some about how this way of seeing maps onto local issues of indigenous sovereignty, land defense, and resource extraction. We’ll talk a lot of ideas & a little action, with plenty of open discussion and time for questions.

Legal Rights, Who’s Vulnerable, Consequences & Possibilities
The point with the workshop and any materials provided is to provide information to help inform your decisions in planning, attending and / or in the aftermath of protests or any direct action. Nothing in these materials is intended to deter people from taking any action. I am not telling you not to do anything. The point is to provide information and resources to help inform you about risks that can arise in protest / direct action situations and to let you take it all into consideration.
This workshop does not claim to provide all the answers. Its aim is to leave participants with a better idea of the following:
What are your rights and what are the limits of relying on rights?
Police discretion and powers for detention and arrest
What happens if arrested and charged (the process).
Some good practices to prepare for demonstrations / actions?
Who is most vulnerable?
Common protest / direct action charges and when do they become more serious?
Facilitated by Asaf Rashid (he/him), a lawyer based in Halifax. Disclaimer: This workshop material is for informational purposes only. Nothing stated by the author of this workshop material constitutes legal advice. No one is being told to do or not do anything by the author. Any scenarios presented are hypothetical and for learning purposes. There is no solicitor client relationship created between the author and anyone receiving this. No legal advice will be given at this workshop.


Rhythms of Resistance
Music can be a powerful force in the fight for social justice. Rhythms of Resistance is a network of activist samba bands all over the world and you can be a part of it! Join members of the Rad Rhythms group to learn how to use drums, coordinated rhythms, tactical frivolity, and passion to make protesting fun and engaging for everyone. After some discussion, participants in this workshop will be provided with various percussion instruments. We will learn hand symbols and some samba pieces that are guaranteed to liven up any gathering of radicals. No previous drumming or musical experience necessary!


Abolition as Collective Liberation
Abolitionist politics and perspectives have exploded into the Collective imagination as a result of uprisings against police violence this past year. People who never considered the possibility of a world without prisons or cops before have jumped into advocating for this world and mobilizing on these terms. But is a world without cops and prisons possible without radically transforming power relations as a whole? How can we hold, leaders, and each other, accountable in ways that build collective power and stronger movements? How can we build mass participation in the project of abolition and social transformation?
Facilitated by El Jones and Rachel Zellars


You Can’t Police Yourself Out of a Pandemic: Anti-Authoritarian Strategies in an Age of Crisis
This workshop takes aim at the dominant state-based responses to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and asks what we can learn from current and former anti-authoritarian responses to crisis and disaster that could pave the way to a more just and liberated society. Times of crisis and disruption are often capitalized on by the ruling class and the far right to consolidate power in the name of freedom or safety. As anti-authoritarians, we can do better. Beginning with a critical analysis of the state response to the pandemic in Nova Scotia and elsewhere, this workshop draws on lessons offered by grassroots anti-authoritarian responses to crisis to explore other ways forward. How can effective crisis response be a path to collective liberation? Come to the workshop and find out.


Housing Crisis, What’s Next?
The housing crisis in our region is accelerating, and leaving working class people and communities destroyed in its wake. For the last year, Halifax Mutual Aid has been working to build popular power in the community, alleviate the harshest effects of this crisis, and to apply pressure to local government – but it’s not enough. So what’s next? Join us for a facilitated discussion with HMA’s spokesperson to discuss and theorize about new organizational forms, strategies, and tactics that we can use to abolish the housing market, free the land, and create a housing system that brings housing for all.  Facilitated by HMA spokesperson Campbell McClintock.